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Hah... not too bad, for a quickie...

My only gripe is that you should've left Samus' visor on when she and Luigi 'turned out the lights'. It could be flashing suggestivly, if you want.

That was... interesting...

Hey, why are you giving him all those spongebob accessories, do you want to turn the little guy gay? Hah. Well, it was okay, I guess, but adding about twice as many options would be a good move, as would allowing the 'gifts' to accumulate - if you give him a hat, it stays on until you blow his brains out. If you give him a lolly, he keeps on sucking it until you punch a couple of holes through his head.

You get the idea.

What was the point of that?

Well, what little you've got looks good... I don't get it, why would you submit something that isn't finished? And is Bowser supposed to have a gray box around him that's a different shade than the background? And why does the music keep playing long after the movie has aborted itself?

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pretty awsome...

dude - you can't make this full screen, it opens in one of those non-resizeable windows.

If you want to see just the flash, you've got to sift through the code to find the .swf 's url (which I can't post here,) and look at it though that.

Other than that, this is pretty cool - you really put a lot of time in to getting together a pretty comprehensive list of sound effects.

JerkyMyTurky responds:

This was my first time posting at newgrounds, so I didn't realize the screen could not be resized. I apologize again, I wish I could edit my post. I did put alot of effort gathering and editing audio and as well as learning how to make the board. There are actually 15 more buttons on the right that get cut off. There is a direct link to the .swf file on the last link.

whoa, innovative!

Hey, you can change the pubic hair! And the other hair! That's pretty cool, if you ask me...

You're missing some stuff, though... like, how about some black shorts to go with that black top?

Oh, this is... interesting..

Neat... too bad it's laggy on my computer. That boss system is pretty cool, hitting the boss to charge up the laser which you can use to kill the boss... maybe you should make t do more damage, though.

But good job over all - the music's pretty cool too, by the way.

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not too shabby.

Starts a bit abruptly, doesn't it? But this beat is pretty cool... the parts where it skips are kind of cool (I assume those're supposed to be in there, right?) but sort of throw off the beat for a moment in a few places... thirty seconds in to it is a good example. I like the part at 1:50, though.

Neat stuff - perfect music for a flash movie.

the-postal-dude responds:

Thank you very much for listening.

Yeah thanks. It's a work in progress.

I gotta work on that start.

I'll work on that and try to make it better.

Dark world of fruity loops.

Hmmm... I don't know. This isn't very well put together... I mean, all the synths and stuff sound cool, but they don't sound cool together.

The plucked plugin sounds kind of out of place with all the other sounds being strictly synth, don't you think? You may want to consider changing that, maybe even to one of the DX10 presets? That could be cool...

The drums in the background are pretty cool, but you can't really hear them, and they're repetitive. Maybe that's what you were going for, but I think it could use a little more work.

Basicly, this sounds amature-ish. Which makes sense - it seems like you're new to FL. So keep working at it - the more you use the program the better you'll get. For now, this only gets a five overall.

I love fruity loops. Everyone should.

I'm a Fruity Loops guy myself so this should be interesting...

Okay, that sounds like the 'plucked' vst, oh, and simsynth...

Actually, this song reminds me a lot of my earlier stuff when I was just messing around, trying to figure out how everything worked.

Nice use of the bass there, I like how it's understated, but it works.

The melody... is kind of hard to follow, I guess... some of it sounds really kind of random, some of it's definatly dischordant, and the rest is pretty respectable.

The drums are a bit basic, but that's not really a bad thing... I like the cool little rolls that you've got starting around :58, by the way.

So overall... this gets a six. Not because it's bad, or anything, but because I'll bet after messing around for another week you could have something better. And the same goes for the week after that, etc. Keep it up - you've definatly got potential.

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